Richard Allison, the Founder and Creative Director of Root Bitters, is originally from San Diego, California. Upon discovering his need for adventure, he headed north to Los Angeles where he established himself as a passionate cocktail connoisseur. From working in many different bars, to starting his own bitters company, Richard has built an impressive resume. 


    After suffering a motorcycle accident in 2013, Richard began utilizing his recovery time by researching time-honored methods in order to craft his own bitters. After testing many different techniques, he finally branded his newly crafted bitters as Root Bitters. Embracing instinctive recipes and methods, Root Bitters has become a unique, yet very versatile product that offers complex flavors to any creation. 


    With the small-batch bitters company being based in LA, Richard is constantly incorporating his passion and uniqueness into his brand. He strives for a dynamic, yet simple product that is made by hand; from the label to the bottled ingredients. Richard’s spontaneity and other interests such as treasure hunting, adventuring, and constructing craft cocktails have truly set Root Bitters apart.